Red Kratom


Red Kratom 00000

Kratom are included in coffee familia or known as Rubiaceae. Which means Kratom produces important alkaloid like caffeine. Kratom tree’s can reach 4 to 16 meter tall. Traditionally, locals use Kratom leaves which as big as an adult palm.

According to local, Kratom leaves were consume by farmers and locals as a herbal stimulan that they believe will boost their productivity and reduce fatigue. The way to consume it is either chewing the leaves or make a nice cup of tea out of it. Now, in the marketplace, Kratom are sold in capsule and powder form.

Here we sell Borneo Kratom from Borneo, Indonesia, in powder form. Borneo Kratos will give you the ability to focus and works as a pain relief, but also will give you a strong sense of euphoria.

Red Kratom leaves name came from the red colored stem and veins. This is the variety of Kratom that are widely available in the market andbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb are best selling. In the making process, usually it drid longer compare to other Kratom leaves. It is most suitable for those whose looking for focus, energy boost, pain relief and euphoric effect.

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